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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Introductory Post

My Name is Irfan Habib, I'm a student of Software Engineering at the National University of Sciences and Technology, Pakistan

My primary interests are: Open Source Software Development, Distributed and Grid Computing(1)(to which this blog is dedicated to), and General Web Technologies.

I created this blog because, duirng my work as part of the NUST Grid Computing Research Group, I discovered that their was no single site which detailed the most popular tools for Grid Computing, it might because it is a developing field, or Grid Computing researchers/enthusiats might have more interesting work to do.

What I plan to convey through this blog is the following: Detail and describe existing tools for Grid computing, talk about related advancements, new research, comment on related research publications.

I also will use this blog to talk about my ambitious project on Grid Computing, the development of kernel level modules which would make an operating system Grid aware, when completed, it would allow a person to develop applications which can be run over dozens of clusters, using a special process level IPC mechanism, the entire ssytem will be bound be an grid-filesytem, which would allow any user to mount and use any drive located on the Grid. But as the project develops I would comment on it more, talk about architectural and implementation details.

(1) If you dont know what Grid Computing is about check the following references:
Grid Computing Wikipedia Article
A Great Resource by IBM
Excellent Site dedicated to Grid Computing


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